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At Lokah, we deliver real results.

we use targeted strategies and proven tactics to get you the results you're looking for.

By working with us, your company will gain a valuable asset in driving brand visibility and awareness, customer loyalty, website traffic and ultimately sales.

Let’s be real. How many times have you stumbled upon a company’s social media page just to get the ick rather than the tick? The backyard creatives, sales-only Insta posts and cruddy Facebook ads make you want to cringe rather than engage. We make sure that never happens with your brand.

We don’t just manage campaigns, we create them. By becoming the social media “wingman” of your dreams, you can count on us to help you navigate the ever changing landscape of Facebook and Instagram ads and stay ahead of the competition.

Social Media Ads Specialist


Targeted Social Media Marketing

Our personality-plus, conversion-oriented strategies brings hot leads, plenty of clicks and gets people talking.

We’re all about results-winning social media marketing – and that means we start by fishing where the fish already are. You guessed it – we take a deep dive into your audience. Who they are, what they like and what kind of relationship they want with your business. Then, we couple that insight with smart strategy and creative content to get you in front of the right people, drive engagement and ultimately grow your bottom line.

Once our partnership is up and running, our real-time analytics give us a continuous feedback loop on what’s working and what needs tweaking – ensuring maximum impact.

Creative Social Media Ads

Bank on our creative, data-driven social media approach.

We’re your social media advertising specialists who deliver creative, jaw-dropping ads that turn heads, get clicks and convert. We know that in the world of digital marketing one size does not fit all – so we tailor your strategy to reflect what works best for you.

Our team is experienced in creating eye-catching ads that put the ‘WOW’ back into your Social media marketing strategy. From strategic targeting to creative design, our holistic approach ensures maximum ROI and impact with every ad.

We don’t just design ads either – our strategy ensures maximum reach and influence. We take your Facebook and Instagram ads to the next level.

The Watcher

Unlike the big boys, we don’t leave your campaign high and dry and set n’ forget once we hit live. This is where our work really kicks off. Data-driven analytics means we do more of what’s working for your business and drop the dead weight. We’ll give you all the insights so you can keep track of your success and make sure your budget is not wasted and going to the right place.

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