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Lokah is about being bold and thinking differently.

We’ve had our share of experiences with specialists and agencies that prioritise profits over performance, leaving much to be desired. You’re likely familiar with the type – drowning in jargon without delivering tangible outcomes.
You will soon see that we’re different. Our ethos is simple: we not only fulfill our promises but consistently exceed expectations. With a growing base of delighted clients across Australia, it’s evident that our approach is yielding positive results.
I’m Jayde, with  15+ years of experience in marketing, particularly the last decade focusing on omni-channel strategies spanning media, digital, and PR. 
My extensive background includes launching hotels, overseeing operations for teams of over 70, and achieving notable success in paid media and media relations across diverse industries, including hospitality, trades, and ecommerce.
Over the years, clients have entrusted me with their confidence, allowing me to oversee ad spends totalling over $1.2 million solely in digital media.
I value transparency and refuse to invest your hard-earned dollars where there aren’t tangible results.
Schedule your call today for an honest evaluation of your online presence and how best I can assist. 
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We produce Creative  Innovative  solutions that get you results.

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We’re able to put the screws (so to speak) to your business’s marketing.

We iron out the kinks and use data-driven analytics to do more of what’s already working – and the end result is rocketing ROI and leads that are tip top.

Whether you’re a small business or enterprise-level corporation, Lokah is here to give you the edge on your marketing needs.

We don’t do things by halves – we really dig in and get after it.

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